The Sea Wych Owners Association was founded in 1972 with the objectives of encouraging friendship, the exchange of ideas and to provide help for Sea Wych owners.  The Association continues to thrive with members in all parts of the country, most of whom either currently own a Sea Wych or have previously owned one.  Some members still own and sail the boats they built 30 or more years ago so providing a good knowledge base to share with newer members.

The Association operates at both national and regional levels with co-ordinators who are able to organise local sailing and social events.  An annual rally is held at Bembridge, on the Isle of Wight, during the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and the following week with emphasis on family fun and a full sailing programme.  Members have often sailed to attend the rally from other parts of the South and South East coast or have trailed their boats from further afield to a convenient mainland launching site.

2011 was the 40th Anniversary of the Seawych

2012 was the 40th Anniversary of the Sea Wych Owners Association

2013 was the 40th Anniversary of the Bembridge Rally 

2022 was the 50th Anniversary of the Sea Wych Owners Association

2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the Bembridge Rally

 Following the 51st AGM held on the 18th November 2023 the Seawych Owners Association has been disassociated and is now a club for a group of friends and now use the Seawych Owners Club Facebook Group. This website will be modified to give information to Seawych Owners please be patient. Once the accounts are closed the balance will be given to Bembridge Lifeboat.

A Modifications Manual, containing a collection of ideas from owners for useful modifications, is also available.  An on-line message board has also been set up  providing a discussion forum for members and a place to obtain advice on all topics relating to the Sea Wych, disseminate information and to publicise forthcoming sailing and social events. Now frozen.