The SeaWych is a brilliant all-rounder, ideal for young families starting out in sailing, an unbeatable bargain, fun, trailerable, take-homeable, economical, best accommodation of any boat of its size...and all the rest.

Roller (luff) reefing on the Genoa and the Main, chain locker, worktop, moulded in sink, cooker top, 7cabin lockers, 1 toilet locker, self-draining cockpit, 2 deep cockpit lockers, transom mounted outboard bracket (typically 4 to 8 h.p. engine).

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  Mk1 Mk2 Mk3
LOA 5.79m+    
LWL 4.65m+    
Beam 2.14m    
Draft 0.67m 0.72m+  
Displacement (empty boat) 727Kgs 864Kgs+  
Ballast 273Kgs 327Kgs+  
Mast Height - overall 6.0m+    
Boom Length - overall 2.46m+    
Main Sail Area 7.43 sq mt 6.5 sq mt+  
Genoa Sail Area 7.43 sq mt 8.37 sq mt+  
Main Luff/foot 5.7m/2.6m
Shortened to 2.3m on Mk1a boats
Genoa Luff/foot 5.7m/2.5m 5.7m/3.1m+  
Sail Colour Red/Blue
Mk1a boats had
blue sails
Sail Nos 1 - 78? 79? - 600? 600+
Porstmouth Yardstick 138 130  
Hull/Coach Roof Colour White/Grey Red/White Inshore Marine
Windows 2 each side   Mostly continuous
single window
Very early boats did not have winches
Tufnol Barton bottom-handle  
Berths (4) Forward 6ft long
Quarter 6ft 8" long
Builder John Sadler John Sadler

Inshore Marine
Changer & Madison


Seawych Register


Firstly a plea to all members to let me know when you sell or buy a Sea Wych as I am compiling a register.

I am doing this by logging the Sail Number which identifies the boat, never mind the owner. I need the Name and Sail Number, name of owner and where kept if possible.

I also have a list of boats by name but no sail number. If you have ever owned a boat and know its number or name but don't know of its whereabouts, perhaps you could let me have this info and I can check my list.

Please keep your eyes peeled for any Sea Wyches languishing in boat yards, on moorings or back yards and hopefully we can have a complete register of all Sea Wyches ever built. Also if any boats have been destroyed.

E-mail -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Feature on the 'SeaWych' from 'SAILING TODAY' Magazine,
by kind permission of the Editor

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