'The Association' has not created this Manual; it derives from individual members putting pen to paper to describe what they have done, and a large vote of thanks is due to them.

If YOU have a modification or maintenance tip to pass on, then please put it in the magazine, on the web site (www.seawych.org) Message Board.

Particular and grateful thanks go to the following members who helped so much with the production of this Manual: to Roy Sallabank, who first conceived the idea of the publication, to Tony Bromley for several technical contributions, and to Doug Collett and John Askew for re-drawing some of the diagrams.



Cabin Interior

Deck and Deck Fittings

Electrical and Instruments



Mast and Standing Rigging

Modifications (photo) Gallery

Painting the Hull


Running Rigging & Reefing

Specification Data

Starting Out

Trailing and Trailers